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PEGroup Consulting Engineers, Inc. is a structural engineering consulting firm specializing in forensic engineering investigations. Our expertise stems from our extensive experience in all aspects of structural design, analysis, construction, and inspection of buildings and other structures.

We have been performing forensic engineering investigations since the mid 1980's when our clients first called upon us to determine the cause of material failures, flooring failures and structural collapses. We investigated the 1985 Mexico Earthquake, Hurricane Hugo in the Carolinas in 1989, Hurricane Andrew in Florida in 1992, Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Jeanne, and Ivan in 2004, Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma in 2005, as well as many other storms and disasters. We have performed thousands of investigations involving roof failures, mold, water intrusion, vibration problems, structural collapse, fire, wind, flood, sinkholes, seawalls, steel towers, and more.

We employ licensed professional engineers and other licensed consultants and tailor each assignment to the appropriate personnel. We require that a licensed professional be onsite and lead or conduct all forensic engineering investigations. Experience, Knowledge, Execution... We have the resources to investigate your problem.
Structural Engineering & Forensic Engineering Investigations
Forensic Engineering Investigation
Structural Analysis and Design
Disaster Experience
Litigation and Expert Witness Support
Due Diligence Inspection
Peer Review Services
Our New South Florida office is located at 1040 Weston Road, Suite 210, Weston, FL 33326. Our mailing address and phone numbers have not changed.
PEGroup Consulting Engineers, Inc.

1040 Weston Road, Suite 210 · Weston, Florida · 33326
Phone:  305.655.1115 / 954.530.6991 / 800.698.2818

Our fees vary with the type of project and mix of personnel required. We will be happy to discuss our fees with you and help you establish budgetary estimates for your work.
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Veteran Owned Business
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Veteran Owned Business